Mistakes that can Delay Your Mortgage Approval

Posted by Daniel Fults // August 29, 2016

Mortgage Approval

Receiving your final mortgage approval is big step in locking in your next home. However, there are plenty of potential obstacles to trip you up along the way. Below is a list of common mistakes that may cost you your mortgage approval. Neglecting to Include Details of Your Financial Profile A good lender will begin […]

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Getting Started in Florida Real Estate Investing

Posted by Daniel Fults // August 15, 2016

Florida Real Estate Investing

Current estimates for home values are showing indications that they will rise by 2.6% over the next year, adding to the consistent rise of close to 3.9% year over year. With such statistics, now could be a great time to get started in Florida real estate investing. To set yourself up for success, you’ll need […]

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Easy Steps to Sell Your Broward Home Faster

Posted by Daniel Fults // August 1, 2016

Sell Your Broward Home

No matter what neighborhood you live in, putting your house up for sale can be stressful. Weeks of showing the house mean that it has to look its best at all times. It also means that you have to be ready to move at a moment’s notice; add your kids and pets to the equation […]

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Understand How Credit Cards Impact Your Mortgage Rate

Posted by Daniel Fults // July 18, 2016

Mortgage Rate

Many of us dream of the day we’ll sign on the dotted line and get our first home. However, what is not necessarily a part of these dreams are the financial obligations that accompany the process, a process that can be made even more daunting if you have credit card debts that are unsettled. Before […]

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10 Mistakes Rookie Homebuyers Make

Posted by Daniel Fults // July 4, 2016


At one time we’ve all made a buy that made absolutely no sense once it was done. You buy something that you thought to be completely necessary in the moment, only to wonder a few days later what inspired your thoughts. Most of the times, these buys are not life shattering and we can always […]

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Attention For Sale By Owner Palm Beach Sellers: Avoid These Costly Mistakes

Posted by Daniel Fults // June 20, 2016

For Sale By Owner Palm Beach Sellers

Part of being human is our ability to overestimate. This is especially true when it comes to For Sale By Owner Palm Beach sellers (FSBO) attempting to price their homes on their own. The home pricing process is complicated and can make or break your deal. Below are costly mistakes For Sale By Owner Palm […]

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How to Secure the Best Mortgage Rate

Posted by Daniel Fults // June 6, 2016

Mortgage Rate

Your mortgage rate greatly impacts your finances. The smallest of fluctuations can alter your plans in a major way, given that it is multiplied over a large lump that is spread over many years. These five tips below will help you secure the best mortgage rate possible. Improve Your Credit Score A credit score is […]

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10 Tips to Successful Real Estate Investing

Posted by Daniel Fults // May 23, 2016

Real Estate Investing

Every successful real estate investor has goals; you wouldn’t go very far in real estate investing without them. Here are some guidelines to help aspiring investors achieve their real estate investing goals. Compare Property Values and Rents Your best measure on the value of property is the rate of the latest sales in your area. The […]

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Making an Offer as First-Time Broward Homebuyers

Posted by Daniel Fults // May 9, 2016

First-Time Broward Homebuyers

You have dreamt about this moment for a long time. You went through hundreds of listings, open houses and finally found the gem you want to call home. Great! As first-time Broward homebuyers, making your first offer need not be daunting. To help you along the way, find below our guide to making an offer […]

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Overcoming the Hurdles to Sell Your Florida Home

Posted by Daniel Fults // April 25, 2016

Sell Your Florida Home

The Florida real estate market is an ever-changing business. As a seller, it can be difficult to try to figure out how and when is the best time to sell your home. Getting your home ready for sale and on the market is a process that requires some guidance, especially if it’s your first time. […]

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