A Game Plan for a Low Broward County Appraisal

Posted by Daniel Fults // April 11, 2016

Broward County Appraisal

Whether you are buying a new Broward County home, selling your home, or looking to refinance your home appraisal matters. In all of these situations, you will want the appraisal to come in at the sale price or higher, but should the Broward County appraised value be lower than you expected here are some suggestions […]

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How to Win that Palm Beach Listing

Posted by Daniel Fults // March 28, 2016

Palm Beach Listing

Every once in awhile it is good to remind yourself of simple yet effective ways to get out there and win that Palm Beach listing. As a refresher on some of the basics, continue reading before heading out to your next appointment. Pick up the Phone Yes. This is intuitive. However it incredibly common these […]

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Boosting Your 2016 Real Estate Investing Business

Posted by Daniel Fults // March 14, 2016

Real Estate Investing

With 2016 underway, it’s time to look for ways to improve your real estate investing endeavors. To help you get started, find below ten ideas to help you make 2016 a successful investing year. Establish a morning routine Having a good start to the day is going to lead to a good end of the […]

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“MUSTS” Before You Buy a Palm Beach Home

Posted by Daniel Fults // February 15, 2016

Buy a Palm Beach Home

Buying a Palm Beach home will be one of the largest purchases you will ever make, so it’s important to prepare yourself for the process before you get started. At times, the process to buy a Palm Beach home can be overwhelming and stressful, but with the right preparation you can make the buying process […]

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Moving Into a New Broward Neighborhood? Know the Schools

Posted by Daniel Fults // February 1, 2016

Broward school

You want to make sure you choose a home that is located in a good school system if you plan on sending your child to public schools.  Today however, the neighborhood school is not the only option. There are many other, even free,  options for you to consider.  Below are some school factors to consider […]

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Create the Ultimate Online Home Listing Snapshot

Posted by Daniel Fults // January 18, 2016

online home listing

The Internet has revolutionized the real estate market. According to a 2014 study issued by, 92% of consumers went online to search for homes. Realtors rely on e-blasts to generate interest for their newest listings while home sellers have enjoyed new found success when it comes to listing on their own thanks to the […]

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Understanding What Goes into Your Mortgage

Posted by Daniel Fults // January 4, 2016


In order to receive funds from mortgage, or a loan to purchase or improve a home, you must find a lender, complete their application and be successfully approved. The purpose of the application is to help the lender determine whether or not you are a candidate for a loan and if so, how much they […]

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A Guide for First-Time Broward County Homebuyers

Posted by Daniel Fults // December 21, 2015

First-Time Broward County Homebuyer

The time has finally come and you are ready to make an offer on the home of your dreams. Maybe you have been looking for only a few weeks or a few years.  Either way this is a major decision for you.  If you are a first-time Broward County homebuyer, review these tips before making […]

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Broward Home Sellers: Are These Home Staging Mistakes Preventing Your Sale?

Posted by Daniel Fults // December 8, 2015

home staging mistakes

When putting your Broward home on the market, it is important to make sure you stage it correctly.  It is proven that professionally staged homes sell faster, but having a professional come in to do for you is not always in the budget.  As a result, many home sellers resort to staging their home themselves. […]

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4 Functional and Comfortable Home Upgrades on a $5,000 Budget

Posted by Daniel Fults // November 23, 2015

home upgrades

There are certain rooms in the home that you use more than others, especially if you do a considerable amount of entertaining. Home upgrades to these spaces require plenty of careful consideration. You may be thinking a $5,000 budget is not going to get you all that far, but you will be pleasantly surprised at […]

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