Broward Home Sellers: Are These Home Staging Mistakes Preventing Your Sale?

Broward Home Sellers: Are These Home Staging Mistakes Preventing Your Sale?

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home staging mistakesWhen putting your Broward home on the market, it is important to make sure you stage it correctly.  It is proven that professionally staged homes sell faster, but having a professional come in to do for you is not always in the budget.  As a result, many home sellers resort to staging their home themselves.  When doing this, make sure you avoid these home staging mistakes.

The Furnishings are not Right

You may have rearranged a room multiple times, trying to get it to look right but nothing is working.  Before you pick up one more piece of furniture, look at the quality of the furniture.  If it is old or rundown it will never look good no matter where you place it.  If there is room in the budget consider renting or buying a used piece to replace with.  When looking for this replacement staging piece, make sure you remember that you want to make the room look as large as possible.  A smaller piece of furniture can help with that.

Not Creating the Right Space

When staging your home you need to create a coherent theme and style. This means that you do not want multiple themes and styles in the rooms of your home because this can become overwhelming.  To avoid this, consider the lifestyle that your home naturally invites.

Not Putting Things Away

Potential homebuyers will be looking at every aspect of your home; a concern for many will be is the space big enough for them?  In most cases, when a potential buyer feels a home is too small, it is because the sellers most likely did not do a good job staging the home.  To help avoid giving off this “too small” feel, it is important that you declutter and put away everything.  Note: you will want to put things in storage and not just shove it all in the basement or garage.

Gaps in the Staging

As potential buyers are walking through your home they may begin to question the reason for a room that has boxes all over it or the outside that is run down. This questioning can cause them to walk away from your home altogether. To avoid this, make sure you give your home a good walkthrough, both inside and out. The space should smells nice be set to a comfortable temperature when people are looking at it. Also, make sure everything is cleaned and organized. This includes the garage, basement, closets and drawers. You don’t want someone to think there is not enough storage.

The Broward home selling experience can be as painful or smooth as you choose. Before listing and showing your home, you will need to make sure that everything is in order. Take your time to prepare and be thoughtful with each staging step.  Making these simple but impactful home staging mistakes can cause potential homebuyers to keep on moving in their search.

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