Busting Myths about Southeast Florida’s Housing Market

Busting Myths about Southeast Florida’s Housing Market

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Busting Myths about Southeast Florida’s Housing MarketBusting-Myths-about-Southeast-Florida's-Housing-Market


Not just Southeast, but Florida as a whole has garnered ill-perceived misconceptions about its housing market. In fact, more than one have sprout up about the real estate market of Florida, and for investors, this sounds an alarm. If people begin to base their judgment of Florida by taking the myths for reality, what does it mean for investors?

Fewer buyers and renters will think of Florida as a place to reside in, and even though this has not happened yet, the few who believe these myths to be true should be aware of the truth behind these made up stories. Therefore, we are out on a mission to bust these myths out in the open. Here are four myths that have come about and need to be put in their place:

Myth #1:  The Tackiness of Florida

Florida is anything, but tacky. Unfortunately, some people beg to differ on that point and hence, have labeled Florida as a tacky state to visit. If that is your opinion of Florida, our question is which part of Florida did you go to? Certainly, you are not talking about Southeast Florida.

Southeast Florida is the cultured part of the state where you will come across popular museums, parks, wildlife refuge, and beaches. Buying a home in Southeast Florida for instance will not classify you as making a tacky choice.

Myth 2:  The State without Culture

If you have not looked into the glorious history of Southeast Florida or Florida in general, let’s provide you with examples of the overwhelming culture found there:

  • Garden Key Lighthouse – Fort Jefferson
  • African American Research Library and Cultural Center
  • South Florida Railway Museum
  • Court House Cultural Center
  • Alamo Building Museum
  • American National Bank Building
  • And there is plenty more from where that came from

Myth #3:  Disney is Florida’s Everything

There is no sidestepping the fact that Disney World, Sea World, and Universal Studios attract tourists from all the over the world. The state was lucky to be large enough to store these wonderful attractions (we think other states are just jealous that it was not them). Anyways, the point is that Florida is more than its theme parks.

If you step away from the large crowds of tourists, you will encounter the true beauty of Florida such as the calm coastlines, wildlife habitats in their natural state, quiet towns, and plenty of fishing spots. For you, it will be a plus for the theme parks so close by so do not look at this as a disadvantage, but an advantage.

Myth 4:  Prices of Property Are Through the Roof

This solely depends on the area of Florida you want to reside in. If you want to be live in cities that are part or near the state’s tourism industry, you will find the prices of properties out of your reach. If you descend into quieter areas of Florida, away from the noise and the crowd, you will find prices of properties within your range.

Therefore, it just depends on your personal preferences of which part of Florida you find the most appealing. You can choose to reside in Northwest, Southeast, Southwest, and Northeast/Central Florida.

To conclude, Florida is a place that is a combination of fun, culture, beauty, and history. Hopefully, now, you will not think of Florida as an undesirable state to live.

What are your thoughts on these myths? Did we manage to quash some of them? If you have any myths about Florida that you want to quash, bust them in the comments.


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