Easy Steps to Sell Your Broward Home Faster

Easy Steps to Sell Your Broward Home Faster

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Sell Your Broward HomeNo matter what neighborhood you live in, putting your house up for sale can be stressful. Weeks of showing the house mean that it has to look its best at all times. It also means that you have to be ready to move at a moment’s notice; add your kids and pets to the equation and the level of difficulty increases. To sell your Broward home quickly, it needs to show well, be marketed well, and be priced correctly. For a faster process, consider these steps tell sell your Broward home.

Get a Storage Unit

Think that you can quickly stash everything away into the closet to create space? Bad idea! That would be one of the places that potential buyers are going to look into. Disorganization will look bad for your house. Instead, opt for a storage unit for the period that your house will be on sale. A rule of the thumb is to get rid of a third of the stuff you have in the house. The rarely used holiday decorations, baby’s toys that have been outgrown and rarely used household electronics need to be stored away. A portable storage unit is even better for you when you are moving.

Photography and Staging

Get a professional home stager who’ll look at you home from a buyer’s perspective and highlights its strengths while softening its flaws. The buyer will have the same impression that she had when she saw the listing photos, so have them done professionally. Houses with at least six photos received more views, because they showed more of the house. While not everyone has the money to hire a stager, you could have a friend walk in and look at the house with fresh eyes, giving you advice on what he feels needs to be removed or places that need reordering.

Promote the House Yourself

Get the word out yourself that your Broward house is up for sale. Even though you’ve hired an agent, don’t leave it all up to her. You never know who among your circle of friends may be looking, or know someone who is. Let the neighbors help too.


When you have your wedding and family photos on almost every inch of the wall you can make potential Broward homebuyers feel as if they invading your privacy. These photos can make it almost impossible to see it as anything else other than the sellers; home. Baby photos are adorable, however, consider making the house look less like “yours” in order to allow the viewers to see it as their own.

Upgrade Moderately

Go easy on re modeling; reason being, you may not always recover your costs when you make major overhauls. Focus on the areas that are likely to return an investment, such as the kitchen and bathrooms. Rather than spend $30,000 on a full kitchen renovation, spend $3,500 on a brand new stainless steel appliance suite and get rid of the old mismatched one. Small upgrades can make a big difference.

Light it Up

Add more light where and when you can to brighten up your Broward house and make it livelier. Also consider adding a fresh coat of paint to brighten the room further. You should leans towards a light, neutral paint color that provides a soft, brighter palette, and makes rooms look larger than they are.

Don’t Forget the Outside

The exterior of your Broward home is the first thing that the buyer will notice, in the photos as well as in person. If it has no appeal, the buyer will automatically write off the interior as well. Trim the hedges, refresh mulching and mow the lawn. It would not hurt pressure-washing the walkways and driveway either.

Know the Facts

Houses sell faster in summer and spring; if you can list at this time, great. However, keep in mind that due to increased supply, the buyers will be pickier than usual. Ensure your house is looking its best so that it becomes easier to beat the competition. Do your research on the asking prices in the Broward area so that you can base your price on a realistic, relevant figure.

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