First-Time Broward Home Sellers: Start Here

First-Time Broward Home Sellers: Start Here

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First-Time Broward Home SellersNo matter how long you have owned your home for, the selling process can be stressful and tricky – especially as first-time Broward home sellers.  It is worth noting from the onset that there are many steps that are different when compared to buying your first home.  Consider these four points for first-time Broward home sellers before you begin the process.

Pick the Right Agent From the Start

Unlike when buying a home you will be contractually bound to your agent for at least three months.  You will also be required to pay this person an agreed upon commission.  These are important reasons to find the right agent from the beginning but there is much more to this process.  Having the right agent can mean that you could sell your house faster.  He will be the person who will be able to answer your questions and help keep your stress level down.

Know that You are Ready

You only get one chance to make a first impression with your Broward home.  If you list your home when it is not in a good condition or you overprice your listing, your home will most likely sit on the market for an extended period of time.  This can come back and hurt you in the end because sellers take into consideration how long it has been on the market when making offers.  So before you put your home make sure you are emotionally ready to sell.  Perform any need upgrades around the house to put it in good condition and make sure your listing price makes sense.

Agents are More Important than Their Brokerage

Don’t choose your agent based on the company they work for.  Throughout the selling process, you will be working with your agent, having little to no contact with the company they work for. Remember: real estate agents are independent contractors who decide to work for a company.  They usually will decide on the company they work for if they share the same values, brand, and culture.

Knowing your Next Steps

Once someone makes an offer and you sign the contract, the timer starts.  This means you need to know where you are moving into next.  Your best bet is to have a tentative plan set so that you are not stuck with no place to live once your home is sold.  Knowing the market is also important when creating your plan.  If it is a seller’s market you may want to have something lined up before listing your home home.  It it is a buyer’s market you may be able to get by with a more tentative plan.

When putting your home on the market especially as first-time Broward home sellers, it is important that you are ready.  You will need to do your research on the right agent, have a listing strategy in place and know your next steps.  All of these things can help you have a smoother selling process.

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