How to Prepare a Home for Sale

How to Prepare a Home for Sale

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Prepare-a-Home-for-Sale-Individual-Property-SolutionsWhat can give a secondary thrust to the price of a “Home for Sale”? There are many things that may influence how quickly you sell your home, and how much you sell it for, which will include the market situation, the kind of neighborhood you live in and the kind of house you own. Most of these factors you don’t have control over, but if you’re selling your home in Southeast Florida, you’ll probably already be enjoying steadily increasing home prices. Even so it is nice to know what you can do to increase the aesthetic value as well as the quality and state of your “home for sale” so you can reel in buyers and sell at a good price.

Improve curb appeal

Your neighborhood may have many open listings, and a large part of your price will be determined by the market, but you are not just competing for prices; you need to compete with other houses for the buyer’s attention too.

Curb appeal is probably the most important factor since it gives the buyers a first impression. If your house looks good from the street, they would want to come in and have a look. You can improve your curb appeal by fixing or replacing your front and garage door and your windows, repainting your home, planning a few trees out front, replacing the siding, and maybe adding a small welcoming porch.


The inside of the home needs to be cleaned, de-cluttered and completely depersonalized. When a buyer comes to have a look at your home, they are envisioning themselves living there, which is why you need to remove all personal items, family photos and religious symbols as well as posters and other objects of personal interest from your home. Give the buyers a blank canvas to project their lives on. Cleaning and de-cluttering can also make your home look bigger and more airy, which is always a plus-point.

Think about remodeling and maintenance of the “Home for Sale”

If the inside of your home has certain issues that need addressing, such as leaky faucets, mold growing on walls or inside the structure, a roof that needs fixing, make sure you take care of all this before you invite in buyers. These things make a huge difference, as buyers are usually looking for homes that they can easily move into without spending more money on repairs and maintenance. If possible, you can also do some remodeling, but make sure you spend on things that will get you returns. You won’t get a 100% return on anything even in the hottest markets, but usually kitchen and bathroom remodeling can get you quite high returns.

Hold an open house

Your “home for sale” needs to be accessible for buyers to be able to move around freely and make their decision. It is a good idea to hold an open house and stage your home properly and professionally for this. You can stage certain unusually designed areas of the home with possible ways to decorate and use them, such as a small room adjoining the kitchen being used as a pantry. It is also important to give the visitors some privacy to discuss the pros and cons as they move about the house.

So, with these few tips you can easily sell your home quicker than most others and be able to get a good enough deal as well. Remember, you’re providing a product to the buyer, and it is important to ensure the ease and convenience of the customer when trying to make a sale, and to provide a quality product too. With this spirit you will be able to do all the right things and will surely make both you and the buyers happy.

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