Moving Into a New Broward Neighborhood? Know the Schools

Moving Into a New Broward Neighborhood? Know the Schools

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Broward schoolYou want to make sure you choose a home that is located in a good school system if you plan on sending your child to public schools.  Today however, the neighborhood school is not the only option. There are many other, even free,  options for you to consider.  Below are some school factors to consider when deciding on whether or not the new neighborhood is right for you.

Learning Styles Matter

Your child learns better one way  than another which is why the school you choose to send them to should incorporate many different learning styles into their lessons.  The best thing to do is to talk to the teachers and principal about how they teach lessons.

Important Information

Things like the absentee rate, test scores, class sizes, and teacher-to-student are really important to know.  However they don’t have to be the only things that you look into when deciding on a school.

Social and Emotional Skills Matter

You want to make sure the school you choose also supports your child emotionally.  They should plan lessons and give your child the opportunity to improve upon these skills.

Teaching Beyond the Classroom

You don’t want the teaching and learning to stop once the lesson stops.  This means that the school should offer good extracurricular activities to help build upon non-academic skills.  It is important that in schools today they are teaching students to be creative, how to think quickly, use technology, and work together.  One of the best ways to do this is while participating in an extracurricular activity they like.

Looking Beyond Number 1

Don’t get your heart set on the top ranked school in your area as there could be a long waiting list to attend. Instead, consider looking into a school that each year seems to be doing better annually.  Most likely this school has very creative and innovative ways of teaching their students which keep them coming back and doing better year after year.

Different Type of Learning

There are plenty of options out there now for public education. Many areas offer charter or magnet school which incorporate a focus like art or science into their curriculum.  These schools offer the opportunity for do something they love and are good at while learning the traditional curriculum.

The Feeling in the School

You want to make sure you get the right feeling when you walk into the school.  This will be important because you also want your child to have a good feeling when they first step foot on campus.  To know this, you have to make sure you tour the school beforehand.

Just as with buying a home, knowing what you are looking for in a school is very important.  If it is high test scores or good extracurricular activities you can narrow your search to those things.  Whatever it is make sure you begin looking there but also keep an open mind.

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