Which home improvements will improve the value of your home

Which home improvements will improve the value of your home

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When thinking about making home improvements for selling your home in Southeast Florida, you need to consider how much value the improvement will add as well as the amount of money you will have to spend. If you are spending thousands but only getting back half of that in terms of re-sale value, it may not be worth it. Here are a few of the improvements that will help you get the highest cost to value ratio and will value of your home:



The first thing you need to spend on is getting your home into a move-in condition. Buyers these days don’t want to spend time and money doing maintenance work when they have the option of buying a home they can instantly move into. Moreover, they will be more likely to agree to your offer when they are not thinking about additional costs in repair work. Plus, it is harder to sell a dripping, moldy roof and a musty basement than it is to sell a home that is beautiful inside and out and not falling apart at the seams.

Curb appeal

The second most important thing to spend on is your curb appeal. This is the first thing prospective buyers see, and is what makes them want to come inside. There is no point adding an extra room or more storage space in the attic if your house looks like its falling apart from the outside. Remember, this is a new home for the buyers and should look like it. Spend on the front door, the garage door, windows, some new siding, a paint job, and even a welcoming porch and some landscaping to make your home look fresh and new. These improvements will surely fit any budget, and they do quite well on the cost vs value report bringing back great returns.

Bathrooms and kitchen

Kitchen and bathrooms are probably the most important rooms in the home, and these need to be quite good to reel in the buyers. From the hottest to the slowest markets, these remodels can get you great value. It is more practical to spend on these rooms rather than adding rooms because such large scale renovations cost too much and don’t really add that much value. With kitchens and bathrooms you can spend a reasonable amount and get it back almost 100% percent in markets like Southeast Florida, with the added benefit of selling more quickly.

So, if you plan to sell your home in Southeast Florida soon, you may want to look into these remodels to get the best value out of the sale. Remember, when you improve, don’t spend more than is worth for your neighborhood, because even if you exceed the typical market value for your neighborhood, chances are no one would be willing to pay accordingly. The key is to spend smartly on the maintenance first, and then the improvements, and to know when to stop.

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