How to Win that Palm Beach Listing

How to Win that Palm Beach Listing

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Palm Beach ListingEvery once in awhile it is good to remind yourself of simple yet effective ways to get out there and win that Palm Beach listing. As a refresher on some of the basics, continue reading before heading out to your next appointment.

  1. Pick up the Phone

Yes. This is intuitive. However it incredibly common these days to rely on email and text messages when communicating with home sellers (or people in general). Put your number out there and when the phone rings, answer it. If you cannot answer it, make sure your voicemail inbox is empty so as to be able to receive messages. There are few things more frustrating than getting someone’s voicemail only to hear “Sorry the inbox is full. Goodbye.”

  1. Be Active in the Palm Beach Community

Knowing the Palm Beach community you are serving and making sure the community knows you will help you be a friendly face that goes with the signs around town. Networking both online and in the real world expands your circles, so participate in those local Palm Beach Facebook group chats or at the community meetings!

  1. Be On-Time

Punctuality goes a long way. If you schedule a meeting, make sure you are there at the decided on time – being early never hurt anyone. Being late signals that you do not respect the other party’s time, sending negative vibes right from the start.

  1. Use Professional Photography

We are built to appreciate good photos. Having a strong photograph portfolio of current and past Palm Beach projects will help you secure future relationships. As more and more potential Palm Beach home buyers and sellers conduct a majority of their research online, it will be important for you to put your best digital foot forward. It is also worth exploring the implementation of video into your offerings, as YouTube is proving to be a powerful tool for real estate professionals.

  1. Simplify Your Marketing Package (and Be Unique)

Clients want to know exactly how you will be helping them to sell their homes. By creating a template that you can hand to them and walk them through, citing specific examples, will help to build comfort around your experience and abilities. With the advent of real estate specific technology becoming readily accessible, think about unique marketing ideas that you can implement into your offerings. Showing up to a meeting with aerial shots can have a big impact on your professionalism (thanks to DIY “drone” packages, you make your own in weekend for a couple hundred dollars) or showing how incorporating technology like iBeacons can help with connecting with potential buyers will help you stand out and win that Palm Beach listing!

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